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Digital Business 

Platforms, API, Data & Apps
The stakes of the business processes digitalization

Increase your competitive advantages : increase productivity, reduce cycles, operational risks, processing costs...

Digitalizing business processes is the answer of today's challenges.

Implementing digitalization company-wide involves significant impacts on business processes, organization and information systems.

Our mission: to accelerate your digital transformation

Expand to the entire value chain the digitalization of the business processes and the partner relationships to generate competitive advantages.

Implement a global digitalization program for your entire organization

Objectives: to identify, evaluate, promulgate and organize, from a transversal perspective, the various digitalization initiatives of your company (P2P /OtC automation, core business processes digitalisation...).

Results: to mutualize resources and to select the best practices.

Assess the various process digitalization initatives

Objectives: Conduct feasability and detailled studies.

Results: Assess, in detail, the opportunity to implement a digital business system for a given business function and determine the best configuration of the target operating model.

Supervise implementation projects

Objectives:  to pilot et coordinate all the aspects of a digital transformation project.

Integrate various technologies as those of iOt, mobility, API, digital signature, BPMS, Case Management,  ERP...

Results: to guarantee a global project management offering, from the piloting to the implementation of the various software components.

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