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Artificial intelligence cross-plateform apps

The X-PFwa apps rely on a set of norms and concepts from the Web3.0 / 4.0 (API, oauth, IA....) so that companies may benefit from the most advanced digital competitive advantages.


These apps can "plug" themselves on multiple platforms, so that the company data may be securely shared in various contexts (company employees, suppliers, customers...).


Furthermore these apps have been designed and created from the data science ecosystem (R, shiny server...), offering to the B2B processes smart features  such as automatic data mapping, embedded analytics....

For instance, for the company internal users, the apps can be embedded into MS teams. The data is accessed through the security model,which is implemented in Active Directory.


... for the company partners (suppliers, customers...) the apps can be embedded to B2B platforms such as Tradeshift. The data is secured through the B2B platform security model

Apps are from two types:

  • Data creation apps (online input, interactive mass import...)

  • Data monitoring apps

These app includes all smart algorithms.

For instance, data batch import can automatically identify the type of data from the data itself. Therefore  the data mappings are performed automatically.

Some examples:

  • EDI-light

  • Smart intercompany workflows

  • EDI monitoring

Descriptive statistics apps (AppDat4Stat)

Predictive analytics app (AppDat4Pred)

Automatic data mapping: scripts generated through AI algorithms (EDI-light)

The monitoring apps include an embedded analytics module, so that any non-expert users can have descriptive statistics analysis or predictive elements with a mouse-click from the app main data table.


  • Invoice monitoring

    • Invoices not sent

    • Invoices not received

    • B2B platform rejected invoices

    • ERP rejected invoices

    • Invoice status: rejected, integrated, posted, approved, paid...

  • Statistics from the invoice lines

    • Item quantity analysis by supplier item reference / item family / business unit / day/ week / month / year ...

    • Consumption forecast 

    • Price variation

    • Energy consumption..

  • Supplier - customer master data synchronisation

    • organizational structure synchronization

    • fleet vehiculs synchronization (long term rental)

    • telecom contract synchronization

    • energy delivery point synchronization


The X-PFwa solution (Cross-PlatForm web apps) aims to accelerate the business processes digitalization with the company internal departments (purchasing, sales, A/R, A/P) and with its business partners (customers, suppliers, factoring companies, billing agent...). 

X-PFwa includes a set of modules to:

  • retrieve, transform, store the data from multiple heterogeneous sources through multiple protocols (REST API, FTPS, SFTP, SMTP..)

  • deploy the apps from standard app models (AppDat4Stat, AppDat4Pred, EDI-light...)

  • customize standard apps.

  • integrate or embed the apps on different platforms (Microsoft o365/Azure, Tradeshift ....)

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